Handy Products Around The Home To Help Maintain Independence

At Beechfield Healthcare we are huge supporters of community care and helping people to live independently in their own homes.  Our daily living range offers a wide range of products that make everyday life that little bit easier, especially that are mobility-impaired; whether from illness, injury, physical handicap or advanced age. A reaching device like one of our grabbers is ideal so you do not need to climb, stretch or overreach for items.  If you do have to climb for something, use a step stool with handrails.

Dressing and Grooming

For help with dressing and grooming, elastic shoe laces, dressing sticks, long handled hairbrushes, combs and stocking aids are just some helpful products.

Kitchen Aids and Feeding

If your hands are becoming a little unsteady, our easy grip range of cutlery is ideal as are our spill proof cups.  Make the kitchen a little easier with an Uccello tilt and pour kettle which is ideal for anyone with Arthritis. Plug mates make it that bit easier to unplug electrical items around the home.  Automatic can openers and jar/bottle openers are a must for those weaker hands or a weaker grip. 

Around The Home

We are confident that we have a solution for all the day-to-day issues around the home. The Doormatic automatically opens a door for you and is ideal for anyone in a wheelchair or finds it difficult to push a door.  Grab rails are a major help in preventing falls and are available for use in the bedroom, bathroom or stairs.   

What Daily Living Aids Are Suitable For Me?

This will depend on your level of mobility and what elements around the home you feel you need the most help with.  There are many different products that can assist you around your home.  If in doubt, please give Call Us Now on 1890 989 365 to speak with one of our equipment consultants.