Free In-Home Demonstrations

The Beechfield In-Home Demonstration Service is the ideal way to try out one of our mobility solutions from the comfort of your own home. If your Occupational Therapist of Physiotherapist recommends a mobility product, you can arrange for one of our experts to visit you in your home to show you how the product works.

The visual support provided by an in-home demonstration is an important consideration. When looking to purchase a specific mobility product, you will benefit greatly from seeing it in person. Scrolling through a website can only provide a superficial understanding, whereas the opportunity to see the product in you home is far more supportive. The ability to see, feel and sometimes smell the product is generally more appealing than simply reading a report recommending a particular mobility aid. This is especially true if you are a more visual or hands-on learner, as you often need to see the product in action to fully grasp its value and potential.

Providing proof is another important consideration. The in-home demonstration will enable you to see first-hand how the product delivers on its intended use(s). Showing what the product can do, and letting you experience it in the comfort of your own home, provides necessary proof.

If you’ve any misgivings then the in-home demonstration is the most effective way to address those concerns.

Finally, in-home demonstrations are often attended by family members. They too may have questions relating to their interaction with /use of the product. Again, the in-house demonstration will help address those concerns and pave the way to a successful adoption of the product into your environment.

Last but not least and not to be overlooked, you can arrange a date and time that suits you. This is especially important if any members of your family want to be present.

We offer free in-home demonstrations for the following products:

- Power Chairs

- Scooters

- Riser Recliners

- Thera Trainers

- U Step walkers

- Troja walkers

- Wheelchair Power packs

- P PODS & Home chairs

- Hoists, Able Assists & Patient Turners

- Wheelchairs

Top 4 Benefits of Our In-home Demonstration Service

1. Gives you a greater understanding of the mobility aid you are interesting in purchasing.

2. You can check out the mobility aid in familiar surroundings - in the comfort of your own home.

3. Speak to our expert – our team are there to help you make the right decision.

4. Choose a date and time that suits you.

Call us on 0818 989 353 to talk to our friendly and expert team.