Exercise aids for the elderly and people with restricted mobility

Exercise Aids For The Elderly

Older adults and people who are struggling with mobility due to an injury or disability, can often struggle to be as active as a they would like, however, this doesn’t mean they can’t exercise. There are many ways to be active, sometimes you can even exercise without even leaving your seat!

Many of our products are suitable for people who are in a wheelchair, have arthritis, an injury or suffer from joint pains. Depending on the exercise you want to partake in, we supply a range of products including exercise pedals, gel handball exercisers and a range of the THERA products including the THERA Trainer Mobi 540.

Gel Ball Exerciser IrelandGel Ball Hand exercisers are therapeutic aids designed to help strengthen a weakened hand. The gel balls are particularly useful for people recovering from wrist, forearm and finger injuries or for people who are looking to improve their grip strength. These exercise balls are particularly useful for those with arthritis as they will not only help relieve pain in the joints but can also help strengthen your grip and relieve stress as well. They are available in three different resistance levels, soft, medium and firm. Each ball is only 60mm in diameter and weighs 60 grams, so they can be easily carried in a bag and used in work, at home or in a physiotherapy department.

Pedal Exerciser IrelandThe Deluxe Pedal Exerciser is ideal for users with limited mobility allowing low impact exercise, that's easy on the joints and allows the blood to flow throughout the upper and lower body, improving flexibility and strength. This pedal exerciser offers an excellent opportunity for those who are unable to exercise in the standing position but still want to complete some level of exercise. With its wide leg spread, rubber non-marking feet and wrap around adjustable foot straps, this pedal exerciser is ideal for use while sat in your chair or even a wheelchair. The pedals can be used by either your feet or your arms meaning the one device will work both the upper and lower parts of your body from a relaxed, seated position. Its compact size ensures it can also be easily stored around the house and allows it to be used on table tops for secure arm exercising.

Thera Mobi 540 TrainerThe THERA Trainer Mobi 540 is a small and mobile medical grade leg and arm exerciser that can be used by either hand or foot depending on the area of your body you want to work on. This is a fantastic activity for people who want to exercise but can’t do so in a standing position. This product differs from the digital pedal exerciser as it can cater for a far wider variety of conditions. The Thera Mobi 540 allows for active training using muscle strength, assistive training for situations when the user may require assistance and passive training when the user has no strength and the motor will do the work, but the movement gets the blood flowing.

The training foot pedals can be used while sitting in your wheelchair or in a regular chair. The pedals have a safety border strip and a hook-and-loop tape to fix the feet to the pedals – these are washable. It can also be placed on a table and used for exercising the arms with its interchangeable pedals/hand grips. The THERA Mobi 540 can be used at different speeds which can be increased or decreased depending on the individual’s needs by the easy to use hand control.

If you want to get out and about but struggle a little with stability and support, we have a large range of walking sticks and rollators which can offer that extra support you may require. These daily aids allow you to maintain your independence whilst offering support to increase your confidence in your own balance.  

Hurrycane Walking StickThe Hurrycane Walking Stick is designed from the ground up to provide a superior walking experience. It has a 3-point contact at the base of the walking stick for excellent traction and balance. The Hurrycane comes with eight height adjustments making it adaptable for each user. The pivoting head turns 360 degrees for increased stability and the 3-point base means that it will independently stand in an upright position when not being used. It has a simple to fold design for easy storage and is available in 4 colours, it also comes with a wrist strap and a travel bag.

The R8BL is a lightweight Aluminium Rollator constructed from a strong rustproof aluminium frame that is sturdy, easy to store and even easier to use. This aluminium rollator comes with arthritic-friendly brakes for added safety. There is also a flip up seat with a convenient storage compartment underneath, which is ideal for shopping trips.  This lightweight aluminium rollator weighs only 7kg but can safely cater for users up to 130kgs.

Rollz Motion Wheelchair & Rollator CombinedThe innovative Rollz Motion² is a rollator and wheelchair in one. Developed and manufactured by the Dutch company Rollz, the Rollz Motion² is an ergonomically designed combined rollator, with a strong but light frame, which makes it possible to walk safely and comfortably upright. If the user requires a brief rest, the rollator can quickly and easily be transformed into a wheelchair, and then back again to a rollator. The seat of the rollator/wheelchair has been designed to offer increased comfort.

We shouldn’t look at our age or mobility in a negative light. We should look at the positive side and using these exercise machines or daily walking aids which can help bring a profound way of exercising into your life. These aids offer the opportunity to be active and in turn, continue to stabilise or increase our mobility.