Christmas Gift Ideas At Beechfield Healthcare

This Christmas at Beechfield Healthcare, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your loved one. We have individual gifts and stocking filler packs that are ideal for those who need a little help with daily living, feeding and even exercising. We have gifts for him, for her and for the home. Why not buy your friends and family a stylish gift that they will really want and more importantly need. Our gift ideas range from long handled hairbrushes to comfortable fireside chairs, so don't miss out on these amazing gifts, start shopping today!

The stocking filler packs are:

The Dining Pack (€29.99)

Dining Pack

Contains an easy grip fork, knife and spoon, dining mat and coaster.

  • This dining pack is the ideal stocking filler for with arthritis and limited hand grip.
  • Its attractive and discreet finishing means the cutlery can be used in restaurants as well as at home.
  • The anti-slip coaster and mat prevents delph and cutlery from sliding off the table and provides easy eating for those who need a little assistance when dining.

The Arthritis Pack (€29.99)

Arthritis Pack

Contains a jar and bottle opener, elastic shoelaces, a handy grabber, a shoe horn and a gel ball.

  • This arthritis pack is the ideal stocking filler for anyone finding it difficult with day to day jobs around the house.
  • The jar & bottle opener is perfect for anyone with arthritis and limited hand grip.
  • The elastic shoelaces and the plastic shoe horn are ideal for anyone who needs a helping hand taking off and putting on their   shoes.
  • The handy grabber is perfect for reaching for things without straining.
  • The gel ball is ideal for relaxing in front of the TV and exercising the muscles and joints.


The Ladies Grooming Pack (€38.99)

Ladies Grooming Pack

Contains a long-handled hairbrush, elastic shoelaces, a lifestyle comb, a tights aid, and a long-handled scissors suitable for toe and finger nails.

  • The ladies grooming pack is the ideal stocking filler for the lady in your life.
  • The long-handled hairbrush and lifestyle comb are perfect for anyone with arthritis and limited hand grip and who wants to style their own hair.
  • The tights aid is ideal for putting on tights and removing them with ease and preventing ladders and strain.
  • The elastic shoe laces make putting on and taking off shoes a much easier task.
  • Provides a helping hand to ladies who need a little assistance in day to day living.


Each pack contains individual items that are sold individually online and in store.


We also have a huge range of individual products that are designed to help the user in many ways including exercising, relaxing, getting around this Christmas and daily living. Some of these include:

Folding Shopping Trolley - €19.99

Rolling Shopping Bag

This folding shopping trolley is a great little shopping bag on wheels. It can be completely folded down for easy storage and can even be stored in your handbag. All that you need to do to unfold it is to unzip the bag and click the wheels into position. This little shopping trolley can carry up to 20 litres in weight.

Uccello Kettle - €59.99

Uccello Kettle 200x200


This Uccello Tilt and Pour Kettle delivers hot water in a safe and steady manner, allowing the user to feel more confident and safe making hot beverages. The kettle has an ergonomically designed handle, with 'Tilt and Pour' action, that directs the hot water to the position of the cup.

Walking Sticks - From €9.99

Walking Sticks 200x200

We have a varity of walking sticks to suit all needs and tastes. With a wide range of sizes, colours and styles. These walking sticks are perfect for family and friends.

Bobcat - €499

Bobcat 200x200

This Bobcat mobility scooter is super lightweight and is easy to transport. It is ideal for use in shopping centres, hospitals and other indoor areas. It is easy to disassemble and put into the boot of your car and the flip-up armrests can be flipped up for maximum comfort. This Bobcat Mobility Scooter also has an adjustable seat with a fold down backrest and comes with a large metal carry basket on the front. The controls can also be set at the exact height for the user.

Pedal Exerciser - €49.99

Pedal Exerciser 200x200

This Deluxe Pedal Exerciser, with Digital Display is ideal for users with limited mobility allowing low impact exercise, that's easy on the joints and allows the blood to flow easily throughout the upper and lower body. Improving flexibility and strength, this pedal exerciser is an excellent way for those who are unable to exercise in the standing position but still want to exercise. With its wide leg spread, rubber non marking feet and wrap around adjustable footstraps this pedal exerciser is ideal for use, while sat in your chair or even wheelchair.

Bellavita Bathlift - €259

Bellavita Bathlift

This Bellavita Bathlift is ideal for the elderly and those who struggle to get in and out of the bath. It has been ergonomically designed for greater comfort and safety to the user. The lightweight and slimline profile provides easy handling and storage. Developed with professionals, with improved personal hygiene due to its front aperture.

Zen Mobility Scooter - €1,569

Zen Mobility Scooter

This Zen mobility scooter offers the best of both worlds. It has a one handed quick release for easy dismantling when transporting or storing. It is also equipped with rear suspension making it much more comfortable and stable over irregular surfaces. So enjoy the smooter ride and longer battery distances while still being able to split the scooter for transport. This Zen Mobility Scooter has a weight capacity of 120kg (19st).

Coccyx Cushion - €14.99

Coccyx Cushion

The special wedge shape tilts your pelvis forward to restore the natural curve of your backbone.

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