The Key Benefits of Digital Thermometers

Digital thermometers are choice of most medical practitioners today. The key benefits of digital thermometers over the traditional mercury-based thermometer is their speed and accuracy.

There are four types of thermometer:

1. Mercury Thermometers

There are the ones most of us are familiar with – the traditional thermometer before there was a concerted move away from using them due to safety concerns relating to the dangers of using mercury, which is a poisonous substance. Also, mercury thermometers are invasive.

2. Digital Thermometers

The new kid on the block, digital thermometers have replaced the mercury thermometer in most medical facilities. They are quick and accurate.

3. Tympanic Thermometers

A tympanic (ear) thermometer measures the temperature inside the ear by reading the infrared heat.

4. Temporal Artery Thermometers

A temporal artery thermometer measures the arterial heat via the temporal artery on the forehead.

Benefits of Digital Thermometers

1. You get accurate readings.

Digital thermometers record body temperatures accurately.

2. You get faster readings.

Generally, a good digital thermometer gives accurate readings and quickly.

3. You can record and maintain temperature readings.

The basic entry level thermometer will keep the last reading in the memory while the more advanced can store multiple recordings. For example, the Alerta Digital Body Thermometer stores the last reading while the Alerta non-Contact Forehead & Ear Thermometer Digital Body Thermometer stores the last 30. The larger memory bank is particularly useful if you are required to keep track of changes throughout the day and night. It also gives readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit; you can select the temperature scale you want to record the readings in. No need to open the conversion tool every time you take the temperature!

4. You don’t have to think hard trying to understand how a thermometer works.

The traditional mercury thermometer can be challenging to use – it is at the right temperature before use, how long do we insert it for? Digital thermometers are very straightforward to use.

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