Winter Plan Brochure 2021 Out Now

Beechfield Healthcare is delighted to announce the launch of our Winter Plan Brochure for 2021/22. In line with previous editions, this year’s brochure contains a wide variety of community care products which are on live contracts with the HSE. We’re appreciative of the fact there’s a challenging winter ahead and we’ve done everything possible to ensure that all our Winter Plan Brochure products are in stock.

Paul Reid, the CEO of the HSE, recently reiterated the key goals of the HSE’s Winter Plan for 2021. Mr. Reid outlined how the HSE is planning to manage its budgets and resourcing levels to best maintain hospital service levels so as to meet the expected increase in demand.

Mr. Reid went on to highlight two of the key pillars of the HSE’s Winter Plan.

First, the Winter Plan will focus on helping people to avoid going to hospital unless it is necessary.

Second, the plan will afford GPs and community intervention teams more resources to help patients in their own homes. With the severe access to and restrictions imposed on hospital care and services due to Cvod-19, never has it been more prudent or safe to alleviate the burden by helping people to stay at home.

At Beechfield Healthcare, we provide thousands of mobility and accessibility products, and we have built close relationships with many of the top manufacturers around the globe. Global supply chain challenges are well documented but we’ve managed to secure stock and the extensive range of products on offer in our Winter Plan Brochure is reflective of this. We are both confident and proud that Beechfield Healthcare will contribute to the HSE’s goal of helping vulnerable people and those most at risk to stay in the comfort of their own homes this coming winter.

To request a copy of our Winter Plan Brochure for 2021/22, please contact one of our Community Healthcare Organisation Product Specialists below:

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