Beechfield Healthcare Named Exclusive Distributor of Winncare's Mangar Lifting Cushions in Ireland

Beechfield Healthcare is delighted to unveil its exclusive distributorship of Winncare's acclaimed Mangar range of lifting cushions in the Republic of Ireland. Renowned across the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australasia since their inception in 2006, Winncare's Mangar Lifting Cushions are engineered to facilitate lifting from the floor to seat or bed height, significantly reducing the risk of injuries associated with manual lifting for healthcare professionals.

With applications spanning emergency medical services, acute care, long-term care, and home care environments, these cushions offer manifold benefits. They safeguard healthcare workers and patients while offering substantial cost savings by mitigating worker injuries and minimising hospital readmissions due to fall-related complications. The versatility of these products proves invaluable in managing fall occurrences for both patients and caregivers alike.

James Gargan, Commercial Director of Beechfield Healthcare, shares his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "This collaboration will introduce Winncare's Elk, Eagle, Camel, and Rhino lifting cushions to the Irish market, marking a significant advancement in patient care and safety. These products present indispensable solutions for managing patients who have experienced falls, benefiting both caregivers and patients."

Simon Jenkin, Channel Director at Winncare, echoes Gargan's sentiment, remarking, "We are excited to join forces with Beechfield Healthcare to make the Mangar lifting cushion portfolio accessible to the Irish market. These products offer invaluable support to patients and caregivers dealing with fall incidents."

This strategic alliance signifies a significant step forward in enhancing patient care and safety across Ireland's healthcare landscape. With a shared commitment to innovation and quality, Beechfield Healthcare and Winncare are poised to make a positive impact in ensuring safe patient handling practices.

Download a PDF copy of the Press Release here.